Thursday, July 18, 2013

本当の空性 Real Emptiness


Some of the Japanese Buddhism explain about Emptiness as "unsubstantial" or "nothing", but I guess that this is due to misunderstanding. Real Emptiness means "Absence of independent existence, namely, Interdependence" which is the ultimate truth of this planet. In other words, Real Emptiness means "there is no independent existence but there is interdependent existence." And understanding this ultimate truth is wisdom. On the other hand, ignorance which doesn't understand this ultimate truth, causes disturbing mind such as attachment (obsession) and anger. And the disturbing mind causes mental projection which creates illusion and delusion, that it can be seen as if non-reality is happening in reality. In short, it is a fiction by prejudice or biased view. Some of the Japanese Buddhism which explain about Emptiness as "unsubstantial" or "nothing", may have misunderstood Emptiness as illusion and delusion. If so, the misunderstood Emptiness is not the wisdom and can not generate compassion.

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