Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Liberation from sufferings 苦しみからの解放

Buddha was liberated from sufferings by understanding clearly that human 5 factors are also interdependent. That's because he understood the human structure and became able to control his disturbing mind which causes sufferings, like self-centered mind and destructive emotions. Human being is made from body, sense, emotion, will and consciousness, and each of them is interdependent as followings.

5 senses → emotion [delusion] → consciousness [reason] → will [motivation] → action [body, speech, mind] → consequence

The most important factor is consciousness [reason] which controls unconsciously arising emotion [delusion] . Consciousness [reason] transforms our negative emotions to positive emotions, and links with will [motivation] and action [body, speech, mind]. Then humans can be liberated from sufferings and be happy. Please refer to the Heart Sutra.




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