Sunday, December 15, 2013

Be careful to Attachment & Anger 執着と怒りに要注意

We have to be very careful about our attachment and anger. Because people with attachment and anger can't notice their emotions by 100%. But people who attained self-realization and wisdom can notice their emotions very easily because they can read others' mind through words and actions. 

The reason why people with attachment and anger can't notice is because of their perception. They perceive themselves as special, separate, independent and superior to others. So, they can't see the reality. Instead, they see illusions or delusions through their mental projections. If they are attached to something, they see too extreme positive illusions. If they are angry with somebody, they see too extreme negative illusions. In short, emotional people never can see the reality.  Only those who are not emotional at all can see the reality.

A solution will be full-time mindfulness to monitor and control their own emotions and actions. Keeping consistency of speech and action is vital. Of course, the final solution will be to attain self-realization or wisdom.




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