Friday, December 20, 2013

Formula for the Karma creation カルマ創造の方程式

Formula for the Karma creation: 

1. Motivation: compassionate × Method: proper ⇒ Good Karma 
2. Motivation: compassionate × Method: improper ⇒ Bad Karma 
3. Motivation: self-centered × Method: proper ⇒ Bad Karma 
4. Motivation: self-centered × Method: improper ⇒ Bad Karma 

The issue is whether the person can perceive Good or Bad. 
Those who attained self-realization or wisdom can do it because they can see the reality. 
Those who have not attained self-realization or wisdom can not do it because they always see illusions through mental projections by attachment and anger. 
Therefore, those who have not attained self-realization or wisdom have been creating bad Karma unconsciously. More than 99% of people have not noticed this truth. How miserable it is!


1. 動機:思いやりがある × 手法:適切 ⇒ 善いカルマ
2. 動機:思いやりがある × 手法:不適切 ⇒ 悪いカルマ
3. 動機:自己中心的 × 手法:適切 ⇒ 悪いカルマ
4. 動機:自己中心的 × 手法:不適切 ⇒ 悪いカルマ


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