Monday, January 6, 2014

Rebirth 再生

Body & mind (material) and consciousness (spirit) seem to exist separately. Of course, consciousness, mind (brain) and body are interconnected when alive. But when we die, our body and brain will decay but our consciousness will leave our body and look for the next body to enter. In this sense, our body & mind come from our parents but our consciousness may come from different place.

body & mind (brain) = Material
consciousness = Spirit
↓   ↑ (never ending rebirth till Buddhahood)
body & mind (material) + consciousness (spirit) = Humans


体と心(脳) = 物質
意識 = 精神
↓        ↑(悟りの境地に到達する迄、終わることのない再生)
体と心(物質) + 意識(精神) = 人間

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