Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Collective energy (Thich Nhat Hanh)

And then, there is a collective consciousness. We have the experience when one thousand people come together in a retreat. Practicing sitting, walking in mindfulness, eating in mindfulness. We created a very powerful collective energy of mindfulness that brotherhood and sisterhood enjoyed. And that was very nourishing for everyone in the retreat, including the children. Their babies do not understand the Dharma talk. They were nursed by their young mother. Yet if they happen to be in the zone of practice, they can feel the atmosphere, the energy of peace and enjoy compassion in the hall. So, that is a good food. So, let us organize that we have a chance together to come together and practice in order to generate a collective energy of mindfulness, peace and compassion. That will be healing and nourishing. There are neighborhood with full of anger, violence, fear and despair. And if we happen to be living in that neighborhood, we know that we are consuming. Even if we don't want to be like them, we will be like them because everything we breathe, we feel that kind of collective energy of hate, anger and violence. It's dangerous for us to consume, dangerous for our children to consume. That is why we have to pull out as soon as possible to restore our health. And if we know how to build our healthy community, joyful full of brotherhood and sisterhood, we can come back to help them transform. Otherwise, if you continue to live in that zone of energy, you are consuming the kind of collective consciousness that is not good for our health physically, mentally and so on. And if you are the Mayor of a city, if you are a legislator, a politician, a school teacher or a parent, please meditate on this. Consciousness is food. And we should arrange so that we can have a healthy food every day. 

Watch from 2:03:07 to 2:06:20

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