Sunday, August 17, 2014

Attachment and Detachment 執着と超然

True love is Detachment. Fake love is Attachment. Detachment is not ordinary but we can attain it through unconditional self-love, or unconditional self-acceptance.

The difference between Detachment and Attachment is followings:

Attachment (Wrong perception): Mind (Ego) → Object
Detachment (Right perception): Mind (True self) ← Object

Above picture shows the difference in the direction of arrow. Ego 
grasps the Object. (Ego sees illusions through mental projection) Object catches True self. True self is caught by the Object. (True self can see the reality through holistic view) Maybe this is called insight.

I feel Divine nature and Buddha nature are the same as Unconditional Love, or Detachment. We need to throw away all knowledge and stop thinking to attain Unconditional Love, or Detachment. Once we attain Unconditional Love, or Detachment, we do not need notion, idea, thought and belief any more for judgement and criticism.



執着(誤った知覚): 心(エゴ) → 対象(事物)
超然(正しい知覚): 心(真我) ← 対象(事物)



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