Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Consciousness 意識

* Mind consciousness (Conscious mind) 
Separate Self (Ego) in subconscious = Manas
⇒ Ignorance of interdependence
⇒ Distorted view (I am special and separate) = Separation
    (Wrong perception: Afflictions (misunderstanding)
⇒ Unwholesome mental formations (Negative emotions)
⇒ Thinking (Brain) Mind consciousness 
⇒ Mental projection
⇒ Illusion
* Store consciousness (Subconscious mind) 
Non-separate Self (True self) in subconscious 
⇒ Wisdom of interdependence
⇒ Right view (We are all the same) = Inclusiveness
    (Right perception: Detachment (understanding)
⇒ Wholesome mental formations (Calm mind, Peace)
⇒ Meditating (Subconscious) Store consciousness 
⇒ Insight (Holistic view)
⇒ Reality

* I feel that all kinds of seeds in store consciousness mean our imprinted previous karma which manifests in this life if watered. So, we are being tested how we react to the same situation as our past life. It is like a makeup examination. We have to pass the makeup examination to overcome our past mistakes.
Image presented by Thích Nhất Hạnh
*顕在意識 (進化)
自性自己 (エゴ) = 潜在意識内 = マナス
⇒ 歪な見方(自分は特別、別格→自他を分離 
⇒ 不健全な心行(否定的な感情)
⇒ 思考 (脳) = 顕在意識 
⇒ 精神投影
⇒ 幻想、錯覚 
*潜在意識 (基盤)

無自性自己 (本当の自分) = 潜在意識内
⇒ 正しい見方(私たちは根本的に皆同じ→自他の非分離
⇒ 健全な心行(穏やかな心、心の平和)
⇒ 瞑想 (潜在意識) = 潜在意識
⇒ 洞察 (ホリスティックな見方:多角度・多面分析)
⇒ 現実


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