Thursday, August 7, 2014

Duality 二元性

I feel interbeing (interdependence) between light and darkness in the fireworks.  Light can't exist without darkness. Darkness can't exist without light. If we remove darkness, light is also removed. If we remove light, darkness is also removed. Light and darkness are inter-are (interdependent) and are both sides of a paper. So, they are not separate entities. However, we suffer from duality. The reason why we suffer from duality is because we separate one side from the other side by attachment. In fact, if light is there, darkness is already there. If darkness is there, light is already there. We can't separate them. Therefore, we need to transcend the duality to find the best harmonized balance between the two through Middle Way.


Enjoy Fireworks video with your favorite BGM music!

(2013 Kashiwazaki Fireworks Festival - 26 seconds)

(2012 Nagaoka  Fireworks Festival - 3m12s)

(2013 Kashiwazaki Fireworks Festival - 5m48s)

(2013 Kashiwazaki Fireworks Festival - 10m35s)

(2012 Nagaoka  Fireworks Festival - 30m49s)

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