Friday, August 29, 2014

Wake up!

I wonder why Buddha explained that ignorance is the lack of understanding of emptiness (interdependence). I feel Buddha should have clearly mentioned that the "root cause" of ignorance is the ego and the ego was made up to justify its existence by wounded inner child for self-protection from parents. Furthermore, the ego is made up by inner child in babyhood due to the lack of unconditional acceptance by parents (unconsciously). And everyone chose parents who had the same ego to make up the ego which was planned according to the imprinted past life's karma. Because our karma reincarnate, our ancestors must have also had the same ego and suffered from it.

That's why our memories in babyhood may be covered up. If so, the family is a well planned ego manifestation factory and is a training center for evolution of humanity. In this sense, we revive our past life's ego or mental disposition during babyhood to resume our new journey in this life from the end of our past life.

So, there is no liberation because there never was any bondage. Everything was nothing but an illusion. But this illusion was intentionally created by ourselves or unconscious. I guess Buddha knew this whole story but did not mention it because if we know everything, the plan of evolution of humanity may not work well. However, I feel everyone needs to wake up right now by understanding this whole story.

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