Monday, April 27, 2015

Christianity and Buddhism

Watch the following Thay's video from 1:09:21 to 1:15:00.

The essence of Buddhism is 
(1) mindfulness,
(2) concentration and 
(3) insight. 

Christians who can generate mindfulness, concentration and insight are already Buddhists. They know that this practice also strengthens their faith in Christianity. They do not lose their roots. And they do not betray their tradition. They know that in their tradition, the energies of mindfulness, concentration and insight are also very crucial. And they want to make use of the insight and experience in order to renew the tradition so that many young people know more in concrete way to generate these energies. And practicing Buddhist meditation in that way not only helps them to be better Christians but also helps them to renew Christianity in such a way that a young generation of Christians will feel more comfortable. Because every tradition should renew itself in the light of the new development in the world. Buddhism also should renew itself. So, we should not be caught by the appearance. 

Altar from the Upper Hamlet in Plum Village Photo by Agnieszka Lopez

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