Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mindfulness exercises

Watch the following Thay's video: 

Key phrases are as follows:

Today is today's day. 

To stop thinking is a great achievement.

Mindfulness is an energy of Buddha. 

Body, mind and breath are the three elements of the practice of mindfulness. Anything good happening in one of the three elements will have an effect on two others.

The energy of mindfulness embraces our in-breath and out-breath. And the mindfulness of breath embraces our body.

Buddha goes very scientifically, first with your breath, second with your body and the third with your feelings and emotions.

Buddha is aware that nourishment should go together with healing. Nourishment is a part of a healing.

Joy and happiness are born by leaving behind. Idea of happiness is an obstacle. We have to release our notions or idea to be happy. We need to let go of attachment to views to bring joy and happiness.

We can touch the joy and happiness in the here and the now by the capacity of letting go, the capacity of being mindful and the capacity of being concentrated. That is for our transformation and healing. Transformation and healing need nourishment. 

Thich Nhat Hanh

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