Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fruits of the practice of mindful breathing

Thay's message in the following video is very interesting. 

If we practice correctly, the practice will become joyful, pleasant. And what you obtain as the fruits of the practice of mindful breathing and mindful walking are: 

1) peaceful dwelling (安住) (cf. froglessness)
You feel good within yourself. You are capable of accepting yourself as you are. You don't feel the need of becoming another person, going somewhere else. You have peace within you. You feel that you have the stability. You don't envy the appearance, the situation of another person. You don't want to be another person. And you are satisfied where you are and who you are.

2) arriving (I have arrived, I'm home.)
You have the capacity of living happily in the present moment. You realize that life is available only in the here and the now. And with the practice of mindful breathing, you can settle in the here and the now. You feel settled, you feel contentment. And that energy that used to push you to the future or to pull you to the past can no longer be an obstacle and you are free. You enjoy establishing yourself in the present moment. You have alive. You feel you have alive. You feel you are home. Your home is not in the future. Your happiness is not in the future. And it is possible in the here and the now. 

3) interbeing (interdependent co-arising)
You realize the nature of interbeing. You know that you are not a separate self, a separate entity. When you look at your son, you don't see that your son is a separate entity. Your son or daughter is your continuation. And looking deeply into your son, into your daughter, you see you in him or in her. And when you look into yourself, you see your son and your daughter in you. You realize the nature of interbeing. So, we inter-are. I am because you are. I am like this because you are like that. And we see the nature of interbeing. I can not take you out of me. If I could, I am no longer myself. You can not take me out of you. If you do, you are not who you are now. So, that is the inside of interbeing. And when we are able to touch the nature of interbeing in us, division, discrimination, ignorance will stop. There will be harmony. There will be love. There will be solidarity. There will be happiness. So, our practice is to look deeply while breathing mindfully so that we can realize our nature of interbeing

4) no-birth (no arriving)
"No birth" means "no death". No coming, no going. And this is the ultimate dimension. In the ultimate dimension, there is no coming, no going. No birth, no death. And when you have touched your nature of "no birth and no death", you are utterly free, free from fear, free from despair, free from everything. It is like when a wave touches water within herself, she loses all of her fears and discrimination. And this can be done with the practice of mindful breathing.


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