Friday, June 19, 2015

Silly Humans

My answer to the question of "Can animals, plants, minerals have Consciousness and can they become enlightened?" is as follows:

Yes, I feel so. Because they don't think, they are always mindful. They have never created notions, ideas, views, beliefs like silly humans. So, they don't have to suffer from separation or discrimination at all. And they don't need to waste their precious time and energy to throw them away. They don't need to gain intelligence for that. They can touch the wonders of life and attain insights without making efforts and enjoy their simple life. In this sense, all animals, plants and minerals have been enlightened since their manifestation. So, I really feel how silly we, humans are! We create notions, suffer a lot, practice a lot for throwing away all notions, and finally attain enlightenment. Humans are silly creatures who stir up trouble in order to be rewarded for solving it.

I understand that all of us (humans, animals, plants and minerals) are the same as the whole cosmos. Because all of us are made of water, air, earth and sunshine. And we are circulating within ecosystem physically and consciously by changing the forms. In other words, each particle or energy of our body is enfolding consciousness. So, we are the whole cosmos. All the past genetic ancestors and spiritual ancestors are in us and we are in the future genetic descendants and spiritual descendants.


Humming bird Photo by Glenn Ognag

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