Saturday, August 15, 2015

Olympics (self-destruction and collective awakening)

The followings are important messages from Thay in this video.

(Watch from 0:10 to 6:47)

I think that (Olympics) will be a chance for people to do business, to make money to consume. And when someone wins, someone else will suffer. That is a competition. That is a competition between self. I am better than you. And so on. So, that will create a lot of discrimination and complexes. That is not only about the athletes but also for the crowds because we select the athlete we love and we take sides. And we practice in comparing: "Mine, my hero!" So, that kind of joy, that kind of competition is we consider to be the source of happiness. And if we don't win, our hero doesn't win, we suffer. That is because everything is based on the discrimination between self and nonself. 

And if we look deeply, we see that everything is in that kind of mood, competition, even in the field of education. In the field of education, teachers have been pushed to teach more, to work harder so that the student can go to a more famous school and become to the top. And that is why both teachers and students have to suffer from stress, overwork and so on. And even if you got to the top, you have to continue in order to keep that position, on the top. So, looking deeply, we see that we are going to a direction of destruction. We destroy our body and mind by trying too hard and get the burned-out

And it is very clear that in this competition, there will be no winner. Those on the top would have to die. And those who have not come to the top, they suffer also. So, the same thing is true in the field of politics, in the field of nuclear weapons. We are going to the direction of self-destruction. That is why we need to wake up. We have to change the course of our civilization. We are going to our own destruction. This is very clear. Our destruction as a race, human race, our destruction as an environment is very clear. If we continue like this, we go to our extinction

There is only one thing that can stop it and change. That is a collective awakening. If you want to save the world, change the world, you need a huge collective awakening. You can not change society and the course of history unless you can produce a collective awakening. With that collective awakening, you know that you are going towards destruction, self-destruction. And that is strong enough to help you to stop and change the way of living. 

So, the Olympics games give us another chance to reflect on this. In this competition, there will be no winner. Everyone will lose and, not we lose as a human race, but we lose as animals, plants and minerals. The notion of self, self against no self (separation between self and no self) and, it causes a lot of sufferings. And that is why the wisdom of non-discrimination: "You are me and I am you. You are in me and I am in you." (I am you because you are in me. You are me because I am in you.) That insight of interbeing is very important.


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