Monday, August 24, 2015


"Don’t Always Trust Your Perceptions"

Breathing in, I see myself as still water.
Breathing out, I reflect things as they are.

Near the mountain, there is a lake with clear, still water reflecting the mountain and the sky with pristine clarity. You can do the same. If you are calm and still enough, you can reflect the mountain, the blue sky, and the moon exactly as they are. You reflect whatever you see exactly as it is, without distorting anything. (When we attain enlightenment, we can reflect the reality as it is like still water. What we have been seeing till enlightenment was illusions which were nothing but our mental projection.)

Have you ever seen yourself in a mirror that distorts the image? Your face is long, your eyes are huge, and your legs are really short. Don’t be like that mirror. It is better to be like the still water on the mountain lake. (A mirror that distorts the image is our mind, namely our perception.)

We often do not reflect things , and we suffer because of our wrong perceptions. Suppose you are walking in the twilight and see a snake. You scream and run into the house to get your friends, and all of you run outside with a flashlight. But when you shine your light on the snake, you discover that it isn’t a snake at all, just a piece of rope. This is a distorted perception. (All perceptions are wrong perceptions. Right perceptions mean the absence of all perceptions.)

When we see things or listen to other people, we often don’t see clearly or really listen. We see and hear our projections and our prejudices. We are not clear enough, and we have a wrong perception. Even if our friend is giving us a compliment, we may argue with him because we distort what he says. (The foundation of mental projection is our emotion. Attachment exaggerates positiveness and anger exaggerates negativeness.)

If we are not calm, if we only listen to our hopes or our anger, we will not be able to receive the truth that is trying to reflect itself on our lake. We need to make our water still if we want to receive reality as it is. If you feel agitated, don’t do or say anything. Just breathe in and out until you are calm enough. Then ask your friend to repeat what he has said. This will avoid a lot of damage. Stillness is the foundation of understanding and insight. Stillness is strength. (The easiest method to have calm mind is the mindful breathing.)

(Notes) The descriptions in the parenthesis are my commentaries.

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Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming Photo by Jackson Hole

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