Thursday, September 10, 2015

A new pathway

Watch the following video from 59:39.

The following is the summary of the above video.

< 5 Universal Mental Formations >
1.    Contact(触)⇒ sense organs and the object
2.    Attention(作意)⇒ pay attention to the object
3.    Feeling(受)⇒ pleasant feeling or unpleasant feeling
4.    Perception(想)⇒ series of notions in the head
5.    Volition(思)⇒ intention, motivation

(Wholesome pattern)
2. Appropriate attention: A good practitioner selects the objects of attention that can lead him or her to peace, to joy, to happiness, to freedom.
3. Pleasant feelings
4. Absence of perceptions (non-thinking)
5. Positive motivations

(Unwholesome pattern)
2. Inappropriate attention: You pay attention to the objects that can lead you to your fear, anger, craving.
3. Unpleasant (painful) feelings
4. Wrong perceptions (thinking)
5. Negative motivations

< 5 Particular Mental Formations >
1.    Intention(欲)
2.    Determination(勝解)
3.    Mindfulness(念)
4.    Concentration(定)
5.    Insight(慧)= Right view = absence of all views

Thay said, "You have to bring mindfulness to intervene with your feeling. The practice of mindfulness and concentration is capable of inventing a new pathway that will lead us to understanding, compassion and happiness, rather than fear, anger, violence and suffering. The three energies of mindfulness, concentration and insight intervene with our feeling, perception and attention. We are capable to tracing a new pathway."



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