Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Meditation or Prayer

Meditation or prayer could be a dualistic activity if we are ego (separate self). Buddhists call it double grasping, namely grasping of subject and object. However, if we are true self (non-separate self), it is not the case because true self transcends the duality by emptiness (interdependent co-arising). Subject and object are two sides of the same coin. They are not two and are not one. Buddhists call it non-duality, or Middle Way. Buddhist meditation, namely mindfulness, concentration and insight, enables us to transform ourselves from ego to true self. Some people may say that self-inquiry is essential for enlightenment and it is impossible for us to attain enlightenment through only meditation. However, I found out that Buddhist (Thay's) meditation includes self-inquiry and self-transformation through my investigation and practice.

There may be some meditation or prayer which is pointed outward only and in the same dimension in some Buddhism or in some Christianity. However, I understand that true Buddha's meditation or Jesus's prayer is pointed inward and outward and in the both dimensions (the phenomenal and the noumenal world) at the same time. Meditation or prayer requires an object. Because the object of mind is the projection of mind, it can't be objective if ego is the subject. However, if true self is the subject, the object of mind is no longer the projection of mind without views, perceptions, attentions, so it can be objective. True self can touch the true nature of reality as it is. True self is a Buddha nature or Divine nature, not a person. This nature is our true nature and everyone and everything (all animals, plants and minerals) is already enfolding it. Buddhists call it "aimlessness" which means that we are already what we are looking for. So, true Buddha's (Thay's) mindfulness will bring about this.

I understand that the first "Attention" means concentration and the second "attention" means views, or ideas of "Attention must be placed upon that which is placing attention". Views, or ideas cause separation, or discrimination, or duality. Therefore, we have to throw away all views, or ideas to transcend the duality. However, we must not destroy our ego because true self and ego are interdependent co-arising. If we remove our ego, true self is also removed. They are two sides of the same coin. 

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