Monday, October 5, 2015

Two Worlds and Two Truths

Two Worlds and Two Truths Matrix

                 |                        < enfold into > 
                 |         (explicate order)(implicate order)
                                      < unfold into >
                 (historical dimension) (ultimate dimension)
                 (body & mind=brain)  (subconscious)
                 (matter=space & time)(spirit=transcend s & t)
                 |  Phenomenal World  Noumenal World
Conventional   birth and death    (matter and notions
      Truth              (illusions)        | can't exist.)
    Ultimate   |   no birth & death        only nature
      Truth     |(reality)(changeable)  (unchangeable)

(Note 1)
Buddhist principle of the separate investigation of the phenomenal and the noumenal means that we must investigate the phenomenal and the noumenal separately and shouldn't mix them up.

(Note 2)
Reality and illusions are not the pairs of opposites. That's because illusions are human creations but the reality is not the case. (All pairs of opposites such as birth and death, are human creations.) The reality is not removed even if illusions are removed. Therefore, the conventional truth is the fake truth made up by humans, and the ultimate truth is the real truth of nature (the whole cosmos). In other words, the conventional truth and the ultimate truth are not interdependent.

(Note 3)
The historical dimension and the ultimate dimension are interdependent. If we touch the historical dimension deeply, we can touch the ultimate dimension. The historical dimension enfolds into the ultimate dimension. The ultimate dimension unfolds into the historical dimension. Because subconscious transcends time and space, it is possible to live in the historical dimension and the ultimate dimension, at the same time.

(Note 4)
Enlightenment based on the conventional truth (duality) is the elementary enlightenment (temporary true self). And enlightenment based on the ultimate truth (non-duality) is the full enlightenment (full-time true self).


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