Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Difference between joy and pleasure

Watch deeply the following Q&A session video on the difference between joy and pleasure.

A monk's answer to the question was based on two kinds of joy, joy from inside and joy from outside. But I feel that more detailed explanation is necessary. My answer would be followings.

(My answer)
I understand that the followings are the formula of joy and the formula of pleasure.

< Formula of joy >
joy: mindfulnessstop thinkingrevive awarenesstouch the wonders of lifegenerate joy and happiness

Mindfulness brings about joy. If we live in mindfulness, we stop thinking and revive awareness (non-separate self, true self). And awareness can touch the wonders of life. That's why we can generate joy and happiness.

< Formula of pleasure >
pleasure (sensual pleasure): forgetfulnesskeep thinkingegocause separationsafflictions arisesuffer a lot

Forgetfulness brings about pleasure. If we live in forgetfulness, we keep thinking and we are ego (separate self, fake self). And ego separates oneself from others by thinking. That's why afflictions arise and we suffer a lot.

* The source of pleasure is attachment, clinging, obsession, or addiction. And attachment is not long-lasting because it easily changes to anger.

That's why we practice mindfulness through conscious breathing, sitting, walking...etc. 

(Cf.) http://www.slideshare.net/compassion5151/3-versions-of-oneself

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