Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Deep message

Listen deeply the following Podcast from 0:00 to 2:05.
The following is the excerpt from the Podcast.

( A half sound + 3-full sound of the bell)

"The sangha is invited to come back to our breathing so that our collective energy of mindfulness will bring us together as an organism, going as a river, with no more separation, that the whole sangha breathe as one body, chant as one body, listen as one body, transcending the boundaries of a delusive self, liberating from the superiority complex, the inferiority complex and equality complex." 


(My commentary)
1. "The sangha is invited to come back to our breathing"

"come back to our breathing" means "focus our attention on our in-breath and our out-breath and stop the thinking" in order to go home to ourselves. So, our breathing is ourselves. In other words, ourselves means awareness (awakened consciousness), non-separate self, true self, the whole cosmos, the Buddha, or God.

2. "so that our collective energy of mindfulness will bring us together as an organism," 

Our collective energy of mindfulness can be generated only if we go home to ourselves. That collective energy of mindfulness has a very strong power to heal and nourish. That's why we can become one organism. Each of us is not a separate self anymore. We are a non-separate self as the whole cosmos.

3. "going as a river," 

A drop of water is very different from a river. That's because though a drop of water may evaporatea river can reach the ocean without evaporating. That's why we need to go as a river. A river means a sangha (community for the practice).

4. "with no more separation," 

Separation means a drop of water, or a separate self. Non-separation means a river, or a non-separate self. Separation, discrimination, or the duality is the source of afflictions and sufferings.

5. "that the whole sangha breathe as one body, chant as one body, listen as one body," 

One body means the Dharma body, the cosmic body, or the whole cosmos. When each one of us returns to a non-separate self, we can become one body. There is no more separation as one body. Doing everything as one body can create the harmony and the power because everything is positive.

6. "transcending the boundaries of a delusive self," 

A delusive self means a separate self, or ego. Ego separates oneself from others for self-protection. That boundaries are not necessary anymore because each one of us is accepted unconditionally without separations. That's why we can transcend that boundaries.

7. "liberating from the superiority complex, the inferiority complex and equality complex." 

Ego has a wrong view that is "I am special and separate". It causes the superiority complex, the inferiority complex and equality complex. Once we transcend that boundaries, we will be liberated and attain freedom. At this stage, we can become a part-time Buddha.

(My message and request)
All kinds of violence such as a war, a terrorism and killing, are caused by separation, or discrimination of human ego. So, egoistic, arrogant and greedy politicians, terrorists and killers need to be transformed from ego to awareness for the world peace and happiness. Thay has been contributing to teach and help such people transform for more than 70 years like the Buddha. Now I want to continue Thay by doing the same thing for the same purpose without using any religions, without belonging to any religious institutions. To change the world for the better, we need to change ourselves because everything is our own creation. Nurturing more Buddhas (enlightened persons) will be the only solution. So, I want to start from nurturing one more Buddha through secular education based on my experience and practice. 
If you agree with my vision, your financial support will be highly appreciated. Please send me your e-mail (to: compassion5155@gmail.com) if you have some proposals or questions. Thank you for your cooperation in advance. 
Hitoshi Tsuchiyama

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