Monday, February 27, 2017

What is mindfulness?

Listen deeply to the following Dharma talk by Thay Phap Dang.
The followings are my memos. I totally agree.

1. What is mindfulness?
mindfulness = heartfulness ≠ head (brain, thinking)
mindfulness = clear mind = pure mind = clear all ideas = Buddha mind = clear consciousness = clear awareness
(cf. Demon mind = anger, hatred ...etc.)

2. How to take care of the suffering
The way out is in. ⇒ take care of one's suffering
1) Recognize the suffering (Hello, my anger!)
2) Accept it (I will take care of you, my anger.)
3) Look deeply into it
4) Understand the root cause
5) Transform it by the energy of compassion

3. What to do
1) Keep the precepts (no killing, no stealing, no sexual misconduct, ... etc. = Buddha mind. = compassion)
2) Control the senses (non-attachment, non-craving)
3) Moderating in eating (eat less)
4) Strong determination to overcome the habit energy
5) Uproot your internal knot (seeds of afflictions)
6) Love yourself and others by understanding


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