Saturday, June 29, 2013

To those who are bullied,

1. Please accept this bullying as a great opportunity to master patience, mercy, tolerance and forgiveness! Because you can learn these virtues only at the time of adversity.
(1) Patience: First, do not fight back. If you counterattack, the problem will be more complex and you  too conduct a negative action. You should not create a new file that must be resolved.
(2) Mercy: Bullying people have to pay the penalty for their negative actions in the future. If you whisper to them "Mercy on you!" in your mind, your anger and hatred will disappear.
(3) Tolerance: What's the benefit of your revenge and retaliation? Isn't it rather harmful to you? If so, you should refrain from harmful behavior. "What benefit?" is a good question to yourself.
(4) Forgiveness: You should forgive bullying people, but you should not forgive the act of bullying. Forgiveness to a person is for your self-protection. Because your forgiveness can remove your anger and hatred and brings calm mind.

2. Imagine that there are people who are bullied exactly the same as you, among seven billion people on this planet. You are not the only one. You should transform your inward consciousness to outward consciousness!

3. Imagine that there are people who are bullied more serious than you on this planet. You may be blessed more, comparing with those underprivileged few. Call up all your courage!

4. Be aware that this bullying may be caused by your previous actions and other various matters, so you can't target on single cause. You may have been in a position of opposition in previous life. It's time to reflect on your own!

5. If a solution can not be found, give up once and just wait for the next good opportunity! Because you can not solve by worrying, you do not need to waste your time for meaningless efforts.


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