Tuesday, July 2, 2013

悟りの2段階 2 levels of Enlightenment


Do you know that there are 2 levels of Enlightenment? 1st level of Enlightenment is liberation from sufferings, and 2nd level of Enlightenment is eradication of causes of sufferings. In other words, 1st level of Enlightenment means that sufferings still arise but an enlightened person has mastered how to reduce or eliminate sufferings. And 2nd level of Enlightenment means that sufferings never arise because an enlightened person has eradicated causes of sufferings and attained perfect peace of mind. 2nd level of Enlightenment is called Buddhahood and it seems to be necessary to repeat uncountable reincarnations for aeons of aeons. However, no more reincarnations are necessary once Buddhahood is achieved.

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