Wednesday, July 3, 2013

「相互依存」 "Interdependence"



Why the most important term "interdependence" isn't mentioned in Japanese Buddhism? "Interdependence" is the ultimate truth of this planet and is the core content of Wisdom. It can be regarded as an ancient version of the theory of relativity. It is difficult for me to understand the reason why Japanese Buddhism uses puzzling terms like "emptiness", "absence of substance", "absence of peculiar nature" in order to explain about Wisdom. I can't help being skeptical that real Wisdom may not be correctly understood by Japanese Buddhism. If I liken this phenomenon, it can be said that "Japanese Buddhism is like the McDonald's hamburger". It is vain to misunderstand and eat a sham hamburger as the real thing at McDonald's, without knowing the taste of genuine U.S. charcoal-grilled hamburger. The room service hamburger at a decent hotel overseas, tastes much better.


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