Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hippocampus & Subtle consciousness 海馬と微細意識

I mentioned that I am interested in the relationship between the memory in the hippocampus and the record imprinted in the subtle consciousness. So, I will explain the outline.

Hippocampus is the organ at the back of the brain involved in memory, and it can log experience to death from birth, but if we die, the brain as well as the skin and flesh will rot and the memory will also disappear. However, I guess that the memory stored in the hippocampus will be rewritten in an instant into subtle consciousness at the time of death. Because, I believe that our consciousness will not die even though the body and mind (ie, brain) die.

People say that all of the lifetime experiences are supposed to be shown to each human like a revolving lantern in the death process. Specifically, I guess that the memory stored in the hippocampus is rewrited into subtle consciousness (ie. imprinted on subtle consciousness as a record) while it is being played.  I also guess that its mechanism is just like a flash memory.

And then it is considered that our subtle consciousness and the hippocampus at the back of our brain are combined at the time of our birth and death and the information is transmitted. When we are born, subtle consciousness enters into the fertilized egg at the timing of somewhere between fertilization and birth, and connects with a new brain to transmit information (for initial setting) but I predict that the memory of our previous life is to be erased (maybe by ultraviolet irradiation). When we die, subtle consciousness connects to the dying brain and is considered to record the information as described above.






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