Sunday, July 28, 2013

Subtle consciousness 微細な意識

What is subtle consciousness? My guess was that subtle consciousness must be something extremely difficult to master. For example, in Buddhism: the attainment of enlightenment through long-term meditations and ascetic practices, in Christianity: the attainment to God (pure divine nature). Because our consciousness is invisible and intangible, it is too early yet to prove scientifically like body and mind (brain). The present stage is that neuroscience has just begun to elucidate the mechanism of emotions, so the day when subtle consciousness is proven scientifically will be far ahead.

However, my reasoning is that subtle consciousness means 'Universal Moral Ethics', namely, 'Infinite Altruism', or 'Reason', or 'Compassion' according to the following information. If so, subtle consciousness may be so simple.
1) 'Emptiness and Selflessness' preached by Buddha
2) 'Commentary on Wisdom and Infinite altruism' by 
Nagarjuna, Shantideva and other 17 Nalanda masters
3) 'Purity of the divine nature' preached by Meister 
4) 'Mental projection' explained by Aaron T. Beck
5) Scientific findings on 'Hippocampus' by 
6) Mechanism of 'Flash memory'
7) Structures of 'Higgs particle'




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