Saturday, August 31, 2013

Purpose of pursuing the truth 真理追求の目的

Q: What's the purpose of pursuing the truth? Do you want to attain enlightenment like Buddhists? Do you want to be liberated from infinite samsara loop like Hindus?

A: The reason to pursue the truth, is "survival and well-being". We can't survive, nor be happy, if we don't understand the ultimate truth of the earth. That's because the root cause of all sufferings is ignorance which doesn't understand the truth. Therefore, we need to understand the ultimate truth and practice the way of life in accordance with it for our "survival and well-being". It should be noted that the ultimate truth of the earth is "interdependence".


質問:真理を追及してどうするのですか? 仏教徒みたいに、悟りを啓きたいのですか? ヒンドゥー教徒のように、輪廻無限ループから脱出したいがためですか?



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