Monday, July 7, 2014

Deep listening (Thich Nhat Hanh)

And now you can practice deep listening, compassionate listening. Compassionate listening is the kind of listening that is supported by the mindfulness of compassion. You listen, and while you listen with mindfulness, you keep alive the insight that is you are listening to him or her with only one purpose. To help him or her to suffer less. Just keep that insight alive during the whole time of listening. And you will be protected by the energy of compassion. And what the other person says will not trigger the irritation, the anger in you. Because what he says is by the full of wrong perceptions, accusation and blames. You tell yourself, "I am listening to him with only one purpose. To help him to empty his heart and suffer less. Therefore, even if he says wrong things, I am not going to interrupt him. Because if I did, I would transform the session into a debate. And that will ruin everything. In a few days, I may have a chance to offer him some informations to help him to correct his perceptions. But not now." And if you keep breathing in and out mindfully and keep that kind of compassion alive, you will be able to listen for one hour or two hours. And that will be very healing to him or to her. The practice of deep listening and loving speech are very effective. 

Watch from 1:52:37 to 1:54:58

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