Sunday, July 6, 2014

Loving speech (Thich Nhat Hanh)

The practice of deep listening and loving speech can restore communication and reconcile. If you are able to see the suffering in the other person and if you want to help him or her to suffer less, you should begin to practice deep listening, compassionate listening and loving speech. You come to him and say, "Darling, I know you have suffered a lot during the past many years. I was not able to help you to suffer less. In fact, I have reacted in such a way, that has made more difficult for you. I'm sorry. It's not my intention to make you suffer. Darling, it was because I did not understand the suffering, the difficulty that you have. So, please help me. Tell me what is in your heart. I want so much to learn to listen. You can tell me the suffering and the difficulty. I believe I will not react the way I had in the past. Please help me. If you don't, who will help me?" That is the kind of speech that is called in Buddhism loving speech. And if you have the understanding of his or her suffering, it's easy for you to use that kind of speech. Then the other person will open the heart and tell you.

*  Watch from 1:50:32 to 1:52:37

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