Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ego manifestation mechanism

My theory of "Ego manifestation mechanism" is the following.

I understand ego is made up by inner child in babyhood due to the lack of unconditional acceptance by parents (unconsciously). And I feel everyone chose parents to make up that particular ego which was planned according to the imprinted past life's karma. 

Therefore, parents must have similar (or the same) ego to their children's ego. I guess their ancestors also had similar (or the same) ego and suffered from it, because our karma reincarnate. 

That's why our memories in babyhood may be covered up. If so, the family is a well planned ego manifestation factory and a training center for evolution of humanity. In this sense, I guess that we revive our past life's ego (mental disposition) in babyhood to resume our new journey in this life from the end of our past life.

My understanding of Unconditional Love is as follows:

My understanding of Mechanism of Mind is as follows:

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