Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Water, No Birth & Death 水、生も死もない

The energy of mindfulness and compassion may come through water in us. 70% of our body is made from water. The following video and booklet are interesting.

Water in the ocean becomes water vapor by evaporation, water vapor becomes clouds due course, clouds become rain to fall on the mother earth and return to the ocean.   70% of human body is made from water and circulating in accordance with the law of conservation of matter and energy within the ecosystem as well. All animals, plants and minerals are also interdependent and circulating in the whole cosmos. 

Therefore, there is no birth and death. We are just circulating in a different form. This is not a philosophy, nor religion, but is the science. Do you still have fear to death? Even a cloud can never die. How can we humans die? From a different point of view, our cells are actually dying and born momently. In this sense, nobody has fear to death.




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