Saturday, April 18, 2015

Breakdown of consciousness

Breakdown of consciousness in the realm of conventional truth is as follows:

the universal(共相) -----------  the particular(自相)
(e.g. contact, attention,          (e.g. intention, determination,
feeling, perception, volition)    mindfulness, concentration, insight) 

sees the flame of a candle ---- sees the flame of a candle 
as an entity (something             as a succession of many images
long lasting which is   
separated from the rest) 

mental construction ----------- reality as it is (suchness)
(representation of mind)

mind consciousness ---------- store consciousness and sense 
                                              consciousness (without influence 
                                              of mind consciousness)

conditioned phenomena ----- unconditioned
(e.g. dreams, illusions, 
bubbles, images)

* Store consciousness and sense consciousness (without influence of mind consciousness) can directly touch the particular. (The universal is made of the particular.) 

* Buddha said, "All conditioned phenomena are like dreams, illusions, bubbles, images like dew drop or like electric lightning. You should train yourself to look at them that way." (from Diamond Sutra)

<My analysis>
appearance (illusion) ----------- reality

mental projection ---------------- right view (insight)

affliction --------------------------- calm mind

forgetfulness ---------------------- mindfulness

brain -------------------------------- subconscious

thinking ---------------------------- without thinking (insight)

ego (separate self) -------------- true self (non-separate self)


Morning dew on a dragonfly Photo by David Chambon

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