Saturday, May 2, 2015

Humans, Earth and Cosmos (2)

The following Thay's talk is very deep.

We can see that the one contains the all. The earth is not only the earth. The earth is the whole cosmos. It's like that we are human beings and not something separated from the earth. So, the human being has the earth inside of him or her. So, the earth is a beautiful manifestation. She contains the whole cosmos in her. And if you go back to the earth deeply, you touch the whole cosmos in the earth. And we transcend dualistic view that earth is only earth, the cosmos is bigger, or something like that.

And then we should transcend the notion that the earth is something inhabited by a spirit and that Bodhisattva is a spirit inhabiting on the earth. We should transcend that idea. We do not worship a spirit that stays behind the earth. Because we know that we are not caught in the idea that there are two things; the earth which is a material thing and the spirit of the earth which is a non-material thing that inhabits the earth. Because our notions of mind and matter are just notions. We should transcend both notions.

And when we can realize the earth can not be described either by notion of a matter or mind, when we recognize the virtues of the talent of the mother earth, something is born in us, some kind of a connection, some kind of love is born. We admire. We love. We want to be connected. That is the meaning of love. To love means to be one with it, to admire, to adore. So, that is a kind of sentiment that is born from the contact with the earth.

And when you love someone, you want to say, "I need you. I take refuge in you."  So, that is a kind of praying. And that is not a superstition. You love the earth and the earth will love you. You do anything for the well-being of the earth and the earth will do anything for your well-being. And that is other kind of outcome from that kind of relationship.
So, you begin with mindfulness that you are there as a child of the earth, that you carry mother earth within you. Mother earth is not outside of you. She is inside. Mother earth is not just an environment and you are a part of the mother earth. And that kind of insight of non-discrimination will help you to be truely in communion with earth.  

When you look into a cloud deeply, even if you don't use a sophisticated, scientific insturument, you can touch the nature of no birth and no death of the cloud. The cloud had not come from the realm of non-being into the realm of being. And that insight can be got by anyone. You can help people, non-science people to see that. You can tell them that before the cloud appears in the form of a cloud, it did not belong to the realm of non-being. Because it was a steam or the water vapor with a hot sunshine. And this is only a continuation of form of a cloud. So, there is no birth. There is only a new manifestation, new continuation. 

And when the cloud dies, it does not die. You don't see it anymore but it has not passed in from the realm of being into non-being. It's impossible for a cloud to die. The cloud can become a snow or rain or other things but can not become nothing. So, it is possible for non-scientist to touch the truth of no birth and no death of the cloud. 

(To be continued)


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