Monday, May 4, 2015

Humans, Earth and Cosmos (4)

The following Thay's talk is very deep.

Everyone knows that every civilization in the past has vanished. And this civilization of ours can vanish also. The earth will take a million years in order to help recreate another civilization. So, it's not the problem with the earth because she has enough patience and endurance and she can wait. So, it's us, human beings who do not have endurance, insight and courage. 

And we can lose our hope and we can get a drown into the sea of despair. And when we are victims of despair, we can't do anything and we can make the situation worse. So, that is why we have to take care of our insight, our thinking or mind first. And that is why meditation is something very important. 

To meditate, that does not mean that you get away from life, but that you have the time in order to look deeply into the situation. To allow yourself to have a time to sit, to walk, not doing anything, just look deeply into the situation, look into your mind and find ways to take care or to deal with anger, hatred and despair in us. 

And if we do not do that, other things we do will not vary any result. So, to meditate is the most basic, crucial thing to do. You have to get out of despair. You have to get insight, non-fear. You have to reserve your compassion in order for you to be the real instrument of mother earth, in order to help other species. 

And our century should be a century of spirituality. Whether we can survive or not, it depends on it. If we get in touch deeply with the historical dimension with the phenomenal realm, we begin to touch the ultimate dimension. We will touch the dimension of no birth and no death, no being and no non-being. 

And science is trying to knock at the door of no birth and no death. They have found the truth of no birth and no death, the true nature of everything. So, when we touch the truth or true nature of  no birth and no death, we can transcend fear. So, that is a kind of religion that is not based on dogmas. It is based on evidence and our own experience. And that kind of religion can be built, can be formed, can be realized by both the existing religions and philosophies, history and science at the same time. 

And hopefully in the 21st century, we can come together and afford ourselves to that kind of religions which will be able to unite people and remove all separations and discrimination. Because the dogmatism has been the cause of separation and war a lot. And if each tradition makes an effort in order to go in the direction, we will soon have that kind of religion that will not be based on myths, belief and dogmas, but based on evidence. And that will be a giant step for mankind. Thank you.



Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity in 1915

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