Thursday, July 9, 2015

Interdependent co-arising 縁起(相互に依存し共同発生)

What's the use of the interdependent co-arising as the skillful means? My understanding is the following.

I understand that interdependent co-arising is the skillful means to transcend the duality (notions) such as birth and death and being and non-being. All pairs of opposites are interdependent co-arising, so are two sides of the same coin. It's called the non-duality which means "not two" and "not one" at the same time.
In short, all sufferings are caused by separation and discrimination through notions, ideas and wrong perceptions. So, we need to transcend the duality (separation) by throwing away all notions in order to be happy. That's why we use interdependent co-arising as the skillful means to attain the non-duality (notions). At this stage notions still remain, so it is the ultimate truth in the phenomenal world. However, when we touch the true nature of the reality as it is and throw away all notions of pairs of opposites, it will be the ultimate truth in the noumenal world. Nirvana is the extinction of all notions. 





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