Friday, August 26, 2016

Surviving from Cancer (1)

Watch deeply the following video of Thầy Pháp Đăng who has shared his own experience of surviving from the cancer.

The followings are the key phrases excerpted from the video.

< Key phrases >

1. Healthy life (breathing and meditating)
Healthy life brings healthy body and healthy mind. ... Healthy lifestyle is very important. Healthy way of life. And for me, this practice brings a healthy way of life. ... So, breathing and meditating are very important in the morning.

2. Smile
Definitely, smile is very important also when you woke up. Smiles release tensions. Smiles bring joy and happiness. Smile to life. Smile that you are still alive.

3. Healthy mind (mindfulness and concentration)
After the tea, I go to meditate. So, for me deep breathing at the belly is very important. For me, the healthy mind brings healthy body. And the best way for the healthy mind is mindfulness, concentration. You see? And mindfulness is clear mind, calm, peace. And when the mind is calm, peaceful, clear, it brings the body resting, relaxing. So, (there is) no tension in the body because the mind is calm, clear. So, meditating is very important. For me, I survived because I meditated. But nobody believes me, you know. It's a personal story of surviving from the cancer.

4. Healthy foods
It's a healthy life, strong immune system, healthy foods that prevent the growing of the cancer cells. So, it comes to play I eat healthy foods. So, healthy food is playing a firm role. ... Healthy foods brings healthy body. And here we should not cook too much. Raw vegetables, raw salad, raw fruit, not canned.

5. Walking
And the thing I do regularly is walking. And not through normal walking. For one hour at least every day. I walk a not-slow walking meditation. You know I swing my shoulders, my hands to move the blood, to circulate the blood and to move the body. ... Because one of the important health duties is exercise. Morning exercise, hiking and afternoon exercise. So, healthy body comes from exercises also. And walking is the best.

6. Laughing
The next thing I usually do is laughing, laughing meditation. You have to laugh a lot. You know people who are depressed will die soon. Especially you have cancer. If you are depressed, you will die soon. So, laughing meditation is the best. So, laugh a lot. ... The energy is very important. The energy when you laugh, changes. It changes body also. So, healthy mind, healthy body.
(to be continued)

(My commentary)
I am convinced that the practice of mindfulness, concentration and insight is very useful for healing and nourishing. So, I feel that the experience and the method of Thầy Pháp Đăng should be utilized for treating patients who have cancer. Mindfulness is really the spiritual medicine. If it is combined with the Western medicine, that must be the best treatment.


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