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Surviving from Cancer (2)

Watch deeply the following video of Thầy Pháp Đăng who has shared his own experience of surviving from the cancer.

The followings are the key phrases excerpted from the video.

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7. Sharing
The next is sharing. Don't hold on. Share everything. You know the doctors do research on people who have cancer. Those who come together and share, they have a chance to survive and live longer. Those who are too depressed and withdrawn will die very soon. ... Especially when you share your trauma in the past, it's very healing. Healing the mind, healing the body.

8. Touching the energy of nature
And this is the one that I practice a lot. Touching the energy of nature, in the nature. Perceiving, feeling the energy of nature. ... You spend time, walking in the nature. Walking meditation, where you open your body and your mind, and feel the sunshine on your body, feel the wind blow to your body like co-resting  your body, healing your body. So, in nature, have healing energy, and you touch that energy, you connect to the energy. ... And mindfulness is very sensitive to that energy. ... They all have soul and spirit in it.  And if you feel it connected, you got healedHealing the soul, healing the mind, healing the body. 

9. Deep breathing (the breath energy)
Feel the fresh air, connect with the fresh air also. So, deep breathing is important. You know that breath itself is called the breath energy. So, if you do deep breathing all the time, deep but natural and normal, you get the breath energy. And the three sources of energy are called the breath energy, the spiritual energy and the sexual energy in our being. ... And these are very important. And you got the breath energy if you do the breathing regularly and deeply. For those who really feel exhausted, low energy, the breath energy is very important. And if you talk too much, you lose the breath energy. 

10. Resting
And the next one is to rest well. If you can not rest well, you begin to have sickness. So, rest well. Sleep well, rest well. Sometimes we can not rest. So, from time to time, we take a break, lying down, and rest. Totally rest, relax, take a total relaxation. And sleep well. ... So, to sleep well is to perk up a healing, to recover the strength of the body. Those who can not sleep well, you know if you continue like this, one day you get sick. Because to rest, to sleep is very important. It allows the body to recover. And sometimes during the sleep, your body breathes very beautifully, very well. That's why you recover the energy you need. 

11. Healthy mind
But during the day, if you practice the breathing, actually you are already resting. You are resting. You allow the mind to slow down. So, it comes to the mind. Now the healthy mind is the mind where is calm, tranquil, in the end clear. Calm, tranquil and clear. You know a pond that is still. You can see everything in it. So, our mind when it is calm and clear, you can see everything in it. So, clear mind and calm mind don't provoke a lot of thinking and ideas. If we have too much thinking, It's very difficult for healing. So, healthy mind for me is the mind that is calm, clear and tranquil. Very peaceful. It reflects all what are happening out there. And actually this mind, you receive a lot of energy. If a mind is too busy, it's very difficult to receive a good energy

12. Generating the energy of love and compassion
And the next one that is important for the mind, healthy mind, is to generate the energy of love and compassion. Love, compassion, enjoy. That's why laughing is very important, smiling is very important. Try to see that even a simple smiling is very important because it brings joy, inner joy. This kind of joy is not conditioned by outside. It's inner. You don't need ice cream to have joy and happiness. You need a friend, watering flowers for you to have joy and happiness. You have joy that comes from inner, inner peace. And then when your mind is clear, inner peace, you see that every little thing becomes a joy, a wonder of life. ... Very subtle, deep joy and happiness to be alive. ... So, you don't need a lot of extra conditions because you have more than enough. ... So, healthy mind comes from joy and happiness. I'm talking about an inner joy. .. .So, the outer joy, yes, it's needed but it's not the deepest healing. ... So, it's so important to have love, love in our heart. That is the final thing I want to share with you. To have love in your heart, in your mind.

(My commentary)
I understand that the Western medicine is very effective to cure the pain in the body and mindfulness is very effective to take care of our mind. Because body and mind are closely connected, if the pain of our body is cured, our mind will be healthier. Meanwhile, if our mental suffering is relieved, our body will be healthier. Anyway, we need to be healthy mentally and physically to be really happy.

Both calm mind and clear mind are vital to touch the true nature of reality through insight. That's because calm mind enables us to reflect the outside reality like still water, or a mirror, and clear mind enables us to see through the inside reality like clear water. Anyway mindfulness and concentration are the key for this calm and clear mind.


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