Sunday, October 2, 2016

5 Mindfulness Trainings (2)

Listen deeply to the following Podcast from 19:55 to 23:17.
The following is the excerpt from the Podcast.

The Five Mindfulness Trainings is the very concrete expression of mindfulness

(1st MT: Protecting life)
The first training is about protecting life, reverence for life. 

(2nd MT: True happiness)
The second training is about true happiness, the kind of happiness that is born from understanding and compassion, not from running after fame, power, wealth, sex.

(3rd MT: True love)
The third mindfulness training is about true love. True love is made of understanding and compassion, not of the sexual desire. Sexual desire and love are two different things. 

(4th MT: Loving speech and Deep listening)
The fourth training is about listening to each other and talking to each other in such a way that makes communication easy, possible so that we can help each other remove wrong perceptions and live in peace with each other.

(5th MT: Mindful consumption)
The fifth training is about mindful consumption. We learned, we tried to consume in such a way that will not destroy our body and mind

Because we practice the Five (Mindfulness) Trainings like that, the atmosphere of the Upper Hamlet becomes healthier and elsewhere. And if someones come to the Upper Hamlet and live with us and just stay within the boundary of the Upper Hamlet, s/he will profit from that kind of environment. S/he will be protected and supported by the collective practice of mindfulness. And she will begin her process of purification, healing even if she is not a practitioner. You need only to put yourself into a healthy environment for you to be purified and to get the healing if you allow yourself to be in such an environment.

(My commentary)
Thay's explanation is the very simple and easy to understand but covers fully the key of the 5 Mindfulness Trainings. My key words are followings.
(1st MT): No killing
(2nd MT): No stealing
(3rd MT): No abuse
(4th MT): Good communication
(5th MT): Mindful consumption


Altar from the Upper Hamlet in Plum Village

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