Monday, May 1, 2017

Insight of interbeing and non-duality

Watch deeply the following video of Dharma talk by Thay Phap Dang about "The Jewels of Plum Village". 

(54:00) Insight of interbeing
If you hate someone, it means you hate yourself. Interbeing, interconnectedness. Your suffering is his suffering. Your smile is her smile. So, if you want to punish him, you punish yourself. ... So, insight of interbeing is so crucial. Because usually we attach our ego. So, we forgot about the insight of interbeing, interconnectedness. We are relating, we are connected in the level of human being but also in the level of nature of life.

So, the insight of interbeing means that you are not yourself (alone). So, actually it is the insight of "no self". It's very important teaching of the Buddha. ... And not a separate existence. Interbeing is like that. You are not alone. You can not be alone. ... So, interbeing, interconnectedness is like that. You concern for other people because you are not alone, you can not be alone. 

(1:01:47) Insight of non-duality
(1:03:26) One of the teachings of the Buddha says that there is two views, double views (?) that you are different from him. You are the perceiver and he is the object of your perceiving and different. It means double views. If we are caught in that, we have problems right away. You begin to judge him. You put him in box. Whether a good monk or a bad monk, you know. We already have problems, can not live together. 

So, we have to transcend this double views; I'm different from you. I'm judging you. I am a judge and you become the object of my judging. And that's called non-duality, non-discrimination. You are a pack of my mind. You are the object of my mind. And if I don't change my mind, I can not change you. So, if you don't like someone in the sangha, you change your mind. If there is anybody you don't like in the sangha, you have to change your mind. Non-duality. And the same thing is suffering and happiness. You don't throw away suffering in order to run after happiness. Sufferings make happiness. It's just like garbage make flowers.

Non-duality means no clinging to whatsoever, even enlightenment or happiness.  ... And we will be free from double grasping. Buddha said, called the need to remove that double grasping. We always have that double grasping. And its very deep down, it's controlled by the ego. So, the ego in the back, it's doing all of these judging, discriminating. You see it's very powerful. And very powerful insight (of non-duality), it helps to remove the total of all sufferings. Non-duality. I am you. I am my father. I am my teacher.


Thay Phap Dang

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