Friday, May 19, 2017


Watch deeply the following Dharma talk video about "Celebrating Our Awakening" by Thay Phap Linh.

(My commentary)
Awakening means:
to wake up.
to go home to yourself.
to return to your true self (non-separate self, Dharma body, cosmic body, awareness, Buddha nature, Divine nature ...etc.)
to transform yourself from ego (separate self) to true self (non-separate self).

The key is to stop thinking.

But if you are starving to death, you can never stop thinking.

So, top priority is that your life will be secured until your natural death.

When your survival plan is clearly established, challenge your awakening!

If you can concentrate on your breathing, only one in-breath (a few seconds) will be enough for your awakening as Thay says.

And if you attain insight of the ultimate truth (emptiness, interbeing, non-separation, non-duality, wholeness), you will be able to throw away all notions. That's full enlightenment.


Thay Phap Linh

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