Monday, May 22, 2017

Meditation & Enlightenment

Listen deeply to the following Thay's Dharma talk about "Meditation".

If you are asked, "Why do you meditate?", Can you answer, "Because I like it."? If you can, your meditation is in the right track. That's because meditation is an enjoyment. We don’t force it, but we enjoy it. It is an act of love.

We can get enlightenment just by eating because we can get in touch with the nature of reality, no self. When we eat, we know that we are made of non-we elements, or the whole cosmos (water, air, earth, sunshine). We are not separate existence, we are empty of separate self (no self). 'No self' is the nature of 'emptiness' in terms of space, while 'impermanence' is the nature of 'emptiness' in terms of time. This insight enables us to transcend the duality and attain the wholeness. We can throw away all notions such as birth and death because we are convinced that all notions are wrong. When we attain the extinction of all notions, we won't think anymore, we won't separate anymore. We will dwell in nirvana (ultimate dimension), touching the wonders of life, touching the true nature of reality inside and around us.

For enlightenment, we don't need to be ordained, we don't need to get the lamp transmission. It is possible right here and right now.


Thich Nhat Hanh & his disciples

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