Thursday, July 4, 2013

Our survival and future 私たちの生存と将来

Despite the superficial differences between us, we need to have a sense that all 7 billion human beings belong to one human family.
(From His Holiness the Dalai Lama's tweet on July 2, 2013)



This sentence means that our survival and future entirely depends on others on this planet, so cooperation is essential and the practice of compassion is vital for that. (My commentary)



☆★ メルマガ創刊のお知らせ ★☆

☆★ Notice of publishing an e-mail magazine ★☆
On July 1, the first issue of my daily e-mail magazine called “Message of the day” was published as scheduled. I recommend this to those who want to learn real Buddhism (science of mind) and to master wisdom and compassion, to overcome sufferings and to be healthy and happy.
(Page for “Message of the day”):


☆★ オンライン週刊誌創刊のお知らせ ★☆

☆★ Notice of publishing a weekly on-line magazine ★☆
On July 6, the first issue of my weekly on-line magazine called “Message of the week” will be published. (This is a weekly version of above daily e-mail magazine)
(Page for “Message of the week”):

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